TrackCentric natively accepts SAP standard idoc data format standards. TrackCentric can be interfaced through an API based interface, FTP text file based interface and others.
This cutting-edge innovation from Appcentric Solutions Inc. provides your business with the following benefits:

Works Offline

TrackCentric can work offline (no 3G/LTE or WIFI connection). Data is still gathered on the mobile device and synced as soon as data or WIFI connection is available again.


TrackCentric enables you to plan the deployment of your delivery vehicles. Plan accordingly to the past transactions you have made using the app.

Proper Truck Location

TrackCentric tracks the location of the vehicle you registered. It enables you to see estimated time of arrival of your delivery vehicles.


TrackCentric provides real-time status of your transactions. No need to ask your agents for an update.

Get everything on track!

This cloud-based mobile application is designed for easy and quick deployment so your drivers, employees, couriers, and contractors can experience this easy-to-use mobile application that conveniently monitors all your vehicles and captures proof of delivery from a single device. There’s almost no learning curve when you use TrackCentric. Talk to us today and see how this application can improve your workforce and business performance knowing that you have a reliable system that you can trust.

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